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Booze Cruise

The famous Bristol Booze Cruise or Tour of Dockside Pubs as we call it at Bristol Packet Boat Trips, is a part of Bristols culture.

Through out the year Bristol Packet Boat Trips carry thousands of passengers around the city docks visiting various dockside pubs and taverns. The pubs and taverns of Bristol docks were once frequented by merchants, pirates, smugglers and press gangs. These days modern pirates (stag or hen parties) are often seen commandeering vessels to party and celebrate.

A Bristol Booze Cruise (Tour of Dockside Pubs) as it is known as can pick up a party anywhere in the harbour and then deliver the party to three or more pubs on route. The passengers enjoy a tour of the harbour and also experience different pubs in different locations.

A Tour of Dock Side Pubs (Bristol Booze Cruise) is a great way to start or finish an evening out. We can also provide a delicious buffet, giving stamina to the passengers for the rest of the evening.

All Bristol Packet Boats have bars onboard and are either enclosed boats or open boats with canopies for weather protection.

Some of our customer prefer to remain onboard for the entire trip which can enable us to provide a full river cruise which will head out of the harbour and on to rural stretches of the Avon. Bristol Packet like to call this a River Cruise however many locals also refer to this trip as a Booze Cruise.

Tour of Dockside Pubs

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